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Don’t Sleep #10

Offset - Father of 4

I remember not really caring for the music The Migos were putting out a couple years ago. Until I listened to ’Culture’ an don’t during that process Offset had constantly stood out to me. Then I was completely sure he was gonna be the One in the group, when he did the project with 21 Savage. I think that being able to keep your sound while changing your content is extremely difficult but important for an artist who‘s growing more as a person and artist like Offset is. We watched a man get married and have his fourth child with a SuperStar artist, Cardi B, so many of his flaws and mistakes are under a microscope even more now. For him to be going through his growing process and being willing to share that process with us the fans, I have nothing but respect for Offset.

Right off the bat he gave us an introspective view on his journey as a father. ‘Father of 4’ is a big move to get people like me to invest into an album. Hearing about how he had his first born son at seventeen and how he was in and out of jail and absent from trying to make something happen to be able to provide. You hear about him being kicked out for having a kid and trying to get it done for his kid. He’s having a real conversation with his children on that record, I felt every bit of it.

He tapped into one of my all time favorite artists Cee-Lo on ‘North Star’ and what they did on track might be in my Top songs of the year so far. That beat is hypnotizing and Offset’s melodic rap style compliments the borderline eeriness of the instrumental. He keeps the trend of speaking on his experiences, even mentioning his unhealthy dependency on lean. Cee-Lo came in and added exactly what he was supposed to, that unique voice and OG perspective, is a perfect mixture with the choir that’s utilized in the background. Definitely my favorite song on the album.

There’s no way I could not speak about ‘Clout’. “They do anything for clout” is real facts. We watch artists do wild stuff and say literally whatever they think will get there names out here. He teamed up with his wife Cardi B who completely snapped on the record. I like hearing artist from this generation speak on some of the antics going on in the industry. I wouldn’t be mad at a Cardi B/Offset joint Tape after hearing this song.

I’m really proud of Offset’s growth. I’m happy I didn’t stop myself from listening before giving him a chance show to growth. This album is full of gems that if you’re closed minded you wouldn’t give yourself a chance to listen to them. I wish I could have had the outlook of wanting to speak to my dad even though I felt a way about him. Now it’s too late, so it’s great to see him still trying to fix that even though he doesn’t have to. It could have been easy for him to do what he’s always done with his music but he decided to give us real content.

I wanna show some appreciation to Offset for showing the kids that they can do what they do while providing content worth speaking about. All I can keep doing is applaud your Growth.

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