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Don’t Sleep #11

Paris Price - Perception

Laying around one day letting YouTube auto play while I was trying to push the music on this site and at some point Friday Cypher from Sway in the Morning starts playing. I only kept it playing because Sway had me laughing a little but more times than not dudes be mediocre up there so a well timed press of skip would alleviate me of disappointment. Something told me to tune in and man Paris stood out to me, just because I could tell his repertoire was a little more stacked than the young boy (even though I liked his performance too). Straight to Apple Music I went and I found this jewel, first look at the name of the tape I knew he was on some shit that lines up with what I’m on. This is a very human album, there’s so many different subjects and sounds that are blended well to create fluidity in the track list.

The intro ‘Perception’ is an amazing way to start an album. Paris comes in super hot after a TD Jakes sermon. The goal was to let it be known from the jump that the bars aren’t light. I don’t think many artists would think to say something like they heart was left so hard it’s like a cardiac erection. I heard that and was like “if he keep doing shit like that, ain’t no way this album isn’t certified fire.” And you know what (spoiler alert) it is.

‘Shining’ has a woman named Breana Marin doing the hook, something about her voice makes that hook feel really good. This a hard work anthem, it resonates with everything I’m trying to do. The bop on this record while you in the car with the volume cranked is phenomenal. And when bro said “I’m like a mix of Meek Mill and Martin Luther King, even if I get shot I’ma still chase my dreams.” I felt that around my Soul.

That ‘Future Girl’ sounds like some ‘03-‘05 Kanye with a J. Cole flow. I actually think if I was to push any record as a single it would be this one. I think the idea of this record is stupid fly. Courting the woman of your dreams with no idea of who she is at the moment is some dope shit. I think the girls would love this record.

I really enjoyed hearing Paris‘s perspectives on spirituality, the rap game, love, black pride and other stuff. I liked that he didn’t stick to one style of production and showed versatility throughout this project. I’m glad I went with my gut and checked out Bro’s music because it‘s obvious that he’s looking to progress the art of Hip Hop and not just take from the culture. There’s a really bright future for Hip Hop if we can get more artists to put music together like Paris is doing it. He’s nice at this Rap thing.

I wanna say thank you to Paris Price for providing us with music that motivates me as a writer but more importantly as a fan of Hip Hop. I see a very bright future for the genre with guys like Paris budding. That Outro is an important message, thanks for that.

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