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Don’t Sleep #20

Rick Ross - Port of Miami 2

I had a couple albums on the docket ahead of Rick Ross but there’s no way I wasn‘t letting the big homie get a milestone spot. This is the 20th Don’t Sleep article and the 10th album courtesy of Rozay. When I say I’m proud of the big homie for the growth he’s been showcasing throughout his career, I mean that wholeheartedly. There‘s so many thing I commend Ross for doing in this album, one being picking my kind of beats. That ear super duper legendary.

Turnpike Ike is one of those records that makes Rick Ross one of my all time favorites. He knows when he has to give us hooks and when it’s time for fly shit. Jake One has unknowingly been one of my favorite Ross producers with 3 Kings, Smile Mama, Smile and Dope Dick. Every one of those joints are super cinematic and Turnpike Ike is nothing different. Those keys, that O’Jays sample, the super fly bridge and Rozay’s ability to catch pockets make this record one of my favorites on the album.

Gunplay!!! I was so happy to see my guy Gunplay on the tracklist when it was released. I kinda highlighted that record in my head. Nobody’s Favorite sounds like some Undertaker type shit and once again Ross finds a way to find the perfect means to execute his signature flow on it. I’m really here to big up my guy Gunplay if I’m being honest. My dude is always welcome round here. Its not even a rap thing for me I just really fuck with the homie, he just so happened to have floated on that track.

Do I have to say anything after Rick Ros, Just Blaze, and Swizz Beatz? That BIG TYME record is movie for real. I get in the car and throw that on headed to work and it’s a wrap for low energy Malcs. When I say I get super hype when Ross say “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK NIGGA CAUSE I‘M BIG TYME!!” I couldn’t even write that normally messing with Rozay. I don’t listen to the radio but this would be my song of the summer if I had to choose.

I would have never thought I’d see a YFN Lucci and Ball Greezy feature on a Ross album. I Still Pray is one of those records that started playing when I was about to get out my car when I first heard it. I just closed my eyes and let those guys work, I would have never thought that those dudes would take me to that place but they killed that shit. Sometimes I just be needing to hear that song a couple times in a row to help realign my mind.

That Running the Streets with A Boogie and Denzel Curry is another one of those songs that take me there. That beat alone has an aura around it. I’ll say I feel really exposed for my ignorance of some of these younger artists. Like I don’t know if they‘re benefitting from the genius of Rick Ross or if they are really like that, I promise to find out though. Denzel Curry really surprised me even though I’ve heard he was dope I never followed up to see it and now I’m excited to do so.

Vegas Residency is one of Renzel’s best songs in my opinion, with that being said I don’t have say it’s the best song on this album do I? While I was writing this I’ve decided not to get specific about why I feel that way, I want y’all to experience it yourselves. I didn’t mean to tease y‘all but I think it’s Ross at his best and that’s something you have hear before we talk about it.

I know a lot of people are gonna kill me for not talking about the Meek feature which he absolutely destroyed. That Nipsey feature that turned into clickbait. The Maybach VI song with the Pusha T controversy but I really wanted to recognize the songs that maybe aren’t getting the love or press that I feel they deserve. I love all those songs but it’s easy to talk about those songs with alley oop storylines around them. This album has zero skips for me and I really like that Ross slowed it down on this project. I think it’ll live for a good long time. It’s a worthy sequel to such a classic album. Oh yeah “THE MARATHON CONTINUES...”

I wanna thank The Boss Rick Ross for being super consistent in his career of over a decade. I watched Ross support his artists more than I’ve seen a lot of other rapper/execs ever do. That‘s inspiring to see as a fan and someone who doesn‘t necessarily believe in the idea of record deals. The business acumen is also something I’m hoping to emulate one day.

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