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Don’t Sleep #22

Flower in Bloom - Purple Sunflower EP

Quick disclaimer I typically don’t write about projects that are only 15 minutes long, mostly because it’s really hard to not spoil the entire tape. But I’ll make an exception for Purple Sunflower because I feel like the story behind me discovering it is pretty funny and the music is sooooo strong. I was going on a follow spree on twitter and at some point I followed Flower without even noticing it. So she ended up DMing me about her music and asking about the blog. I told her the only requirement for making it on this blog is having dope music. So after I watched rhythm & flow I decided to listen to it while I was in the shower and YEAH, let’s just say I was uber impressed by the product that she released. The Daily Affirmation Intro is short and sweet but being an R&B guy it was a really

dense record. Just cause it was a lot of layers in the song. She showcases a good range of vocal abilities from the jump in that sub two minutes track. On top of that the way she layered her background vocals kind of creates this soothing energy, you kind of get trapped in the performance. And that literally can be said about the entire EP. Cut to the Chase is that real nigga record. She gets straight to that freaky stuff. She right to I’m finna throw this thing on you (after verifying consent, of course). It’s one of those records you have to hear because it’s super dope how vividly she talks her shit while also never crossing the line from sexy song to gimmicky nasty. It’s definitely a record I suggest people put in their mood setting playlists, time it correctly on that drive home I almost guarantee you get some play. I’m only gonna give y’all the tea on those two songs because like I said I like to leave some kind of discovery for the listeners. I really wanna talk about how crazy it is that in small towns like where Flower is from, a place where I’ve literally worked at the place everyone spends most their time in (Walmart) for 5 years, I have never heard of her. There’s so many talented people in these small towns but no one speaks about them or push them the way their talent might suggest. One of the reasons this blog exists is to at least attempt to showcase what’s out here that’s not being seen. Flower in Bloom is a talent that I can truly see being a real asset to this renaissance of R&B. With that being said, SUPPORT THE PEOPLE THAT ARE WORKING TOWARDS SOMETHING!!!

I want to thank Ms. Flower for taking the initiative of making me aware of this project and it actually being an amazing 15 minutes of music. I hope the next one is longer because I need at least 35 minutes of this Greatness. Keep at it.

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