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Don’t Sleep #6

Big K.R.I.T - TDT

K.R.I.T has been dropping EPs left and right as of late and ‘TDT’ has been the project I’ve been frequently turning on since its release. There’s a lot to like about K.R.I.T’s 8 track project but I‘m gonna tell y’all the main reasons I can’t get away from it.

I really the Texas sound so when ‘Learned From Texas’ comes on and it immediately pays homage to UGKand DJ Screw, I’m happy. Listening to it in the car be having me feeling like I’m in a music video from a Houston. You can tell he really studied and lived with the music and culture of Texas, which isn’t surprising because southern artists grew up watching the rise of UGK, DJ Screw, and Geto Boys, many more but those are the artists that even myself from Jersey couldn’t help but idolize. K.R.I.T embody everything I remember of that sound and put his own signature on it.

‘Pick Yourself Up’ is one of the records I go to quite often because it reminds me to keep grinding in everything I do. The bop he was able to create with that beat is ridiculous, then to give us the gems he was handing out, regardless of how he said it, real niggas recognize game when he hears it. Every time I feel like I’m slipping I think about this song, “ain’t nobody helping no broke ass nigga...”

There‘s no way I’m not gonna speak on that ‘Higher pt.6’. That sample is special and he went Super Saiyan on this record. The way he used what the instrumental gave him is great. To realize that he didn’t have to over rap and just speak on some real shit, like the pressure for men to suppress emotions, alcoholism, women, the streets, all while trying to keep a connection with God. It really lines up with what I’m feeling now in life, no matter what I’m looking towards God for guidance.

This EP isn’t perfect but it has so much great going on that it doesn’t matter to me that I don‘t like two of the records on it. I can take away so much from this project for my personal life and how I move that it’s beyond just music for me. Even when I hear him do the meet me outside chick’s flow on ‘Energy’, it seems to be out of his comfort zone but he does it with his signature. I look at that and go “you can experiment with other’s methods but stay within yourself whenever you do it.” I look pass just beats and words when it comes to music and Big K.R.I.T gave me a lot of game,whether he said it or not, I peeped it.

I want to thank Big K.R.I.T for inspiring to me write this article with this tape. I’ve been watching the growth of K.R.I.T for a while and like seeing him go out of his own box and do different things. He really deserves a lot more credit as an incredible lyricist and producer. He embodies the South like no one else and I’m proud of him like I’m from Mississippi.

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