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Don’t Sleep S2A2: Victory Bringer

Victory!!! I wanted to take some tome to speak about a project that I was blessed enough to have a tiny bit of involvement with. My big bro and basically my mentor Bo-Bangz managed to give the fans the Bo-Bangz they know and love from his other 20+ projects and also give more insight into some of the characteristics some people may not know about.

A lot of people may only know the cocky and super gangsta sides of Bangz. But there’s a humble and super supportive side to Bangz that you can really see on Legacies. Where he makes it his business to show love to people from his hometown Clinton, NC that was doing this music thing before him. The ability to tell the stories of the moments and people that pushed his interests to rap into reality while keeping it groovy is impressive to me. I think a lot of artists have a hard time finding the balance between storytelling and keeping the bop, so I will always appreciate artists that can do it. Legacies shows that Bo-Bangz is much more in touch with the people around him than i think people would have thought. The song that took off super quick after the release of the project was I Like Em and it’s a bop for real, for real. I would say this is a showcase of Lusty Bangz (lmao I’m funny). It’s definitely a record if the world didn’t shut down I could’ve seen it go super crazy out here in the clubs. I think I love this record so much because Bangz could’ve done what everyone else does when they’re making a “club banger” and let the hook and beat carry the song. But with this record there doesn’t seem to be a sacrifice made in the lyrics department and for me the guy who loves words I love that he kept that quality in his verses. The song has something for everyone to like which is probably why it went so crazy. Could this be might be my absolute song on Victory Bringer. This song feels like the conversations Bangz and I were having while he was working out the direction of the tape. Very introspective, soul searching in a way. The conversation of dealing with dealing with depression and trust issues, all the things that creates a person who stays to themselves. Which if you know Bangz you have to be a special person for him to come out of his bubble. Introspective Bangz is one of my favorite artists to listen to, there’s so much soul and purity in it when he goes in that direction. I want more records like this one, I can’t wait till we get them. I like the progress Bangz made towards showing more of his inner voice. I’m always inspired when I hear Bo-Bangz’s music. The ease of him hooks out of thin air, his delivery, the wordplay I study all of that. Victory Bringer is an example of “this dude is a monster” and I’m learning from it. I enjoyed all the music on this project but I think for me it truly shines when Bangz is being introspective and going deeper into his soul bag. I don’t know what’s for next Bo-Bangz yet, but whatever it is I hope we get more of the personal experiences because I don’t think there’s a lot of people out here with the abilities that Bangz possess that does introspective music. I wish people knew the Bangz that the people around him knows because when I heard the music before meeting him I just thought he was a super talented dude that knew he was that dude. But when you get to know big bro you learn that he’s very much human and a super standup guy. And that’s a victory.

You know I gotta take the time to thank my guy Bo-Bangz for delivering a great body of work. I also wanna show my appreciation for the knowledge and the encouragement you give me on my journey into artistry as well. I don’t think I progress as fast as I do without the confidence I’ve obtain from you and everyone else in our circle. And I definitely appreciate that since my super novice days you didn’t primetime me when I asked you to do records with me, that’s a legacy...

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