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Don’t Sleep - Special Edition

DraDaGreat x Jae23 - No Worldly Values

Y‘all probably wondering why I say “Special Edition” and I‘ll tell y’all because this Tape is from two of my Guys. Jae is the young boy of the group. I remember the first time I was told he rapped, in my head I was like “yeah everyone does nowadays.” Then dudes was like “he got a project on SoundCloud, it’s dope.” Had to go listen to it. Matter of fact y’all do to (Jae23 - Skipping Stones) that shit is tough. From there we started talking music and our taste in different artists. So when I was coming up with an appearance on ‘The Broke Ass Podcast’ I had to get him on there with me.

That’s when Dra comes into the picture. Jae brought him to the podcast and we immediately hit it off. Dra’s perspectives on life and music created a fast friendship between so it made all the sense in the world that I went to listen to them DraDay tapes on spinrilla. Which is where I found ‘No Worldly Values’.

Immediately they grip you with ‘Morty’s Intro’. Which is like Rick and Morty’s ‘Soprano’ toned dialogue. The part that really caught me was when Morty said “speeches are for campaigning, now is time for action.” That shit hits because instead of telling someone what you’re about to do, show them.

Right after that it goes into ‘Heats On’ where you get hit with some keys and beautiful sample quick. This is a Jae23 solo track and he fails to disappoint. With lines like “if you think you living dreams, I will Freddy Krueger it.” You realize quickly that this young dude knows he raps better than the buzz around him says he should.

As soon as ‘Everything They Trippin On‘ starts Denzel Washington is making a speech where the main point is to keep God with you at all times. I won’t tell y’all the beat they chose but it’s one of the main reasons I respect the duo. They are not afraid to do beats of really big artists and not just that. They create their own lanes on those tracks. Their differences in styles create my favorite song on the Tape. Jae the aggressor and Dra the philosopher.

I wish this tape was a little longer with more songs where they were rapping together but aside from that it‘s a great showcase of their creative prowess and potential. When I said Jae the Aggressor and Dra the Philosopher, that’s not just on these songs, that’s them in real life. They cover up any holes in the others game so well that you forget they’re solo acts, that barely started rapping together. ‘No Worldly Values’ is great introduction to these two guys artistry. I can assure everyone that this tape is just the surface of Jae and Dra’s potential.

I want to thank my two Brothers for inspiring me, not only to write this impression but in my daily life and all my future endeavors. I know y‘all next chapter is gonna be a huge step and I’m proud to be a part of that shit. 23 and DraDa ‘let me earn the’ Great, y’all got it.

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