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Beni-Hana - Doug Soule

I’m not usually the music video guy, there‘s not a lot of times I’ve wanted to see one. But When I saw that Beni-Hana was promoting his own video I got curious to see what that would look and sound like. Being ignorant to his music I went in with zero expectations and man I‘m glad I didn’t ignore the video. The first thing that hit mind when I was watching it was “Oh shit this some New York shit saying what you know about the dirty south.” Then I was like “Where did my guy find an explorable swamp?” The idea of utilizing the tv to cut in some of the more creepy scenery and making those scenes be more subtle. Instead of throwing the tattooed face homie full screen is something small but maybe for the weak stomached viewer it could save them a broken screen. They matched the tone of Beni‘s delivery damn near perfectly. That dark and gritty style of rapping paired with the swamp and mask made the experience more cohesive. Then Goretex giving you that authentic New York sound and the fact my guy wasn’t in swamp made laugh a little bit because I don’t know too many dudes from New York or Jersey that’s looking for a swamp to ANYTHING in. In a world where most indie artists will stand in the streets with fake guns in their videos, it’s super dope to see people get creative again. I rock with Toast Johnson for this one.

Go peep this video for yourself and tell him Malcolm sent you

I most definitely want to thank Beni-Hana for motivating me without knowing it. I see you my guy!!!

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