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Eye Catchers #2

Beni-Hana x Slaine - Underdogs Day

Beni-effing-Hana man!!! “Imma show you how to make something outta nothing.” My first question to Beni-Hana is “how in the world did he get Slaine from The gahd damn Town to collab with him???” If you don’t know what The Town is, it’s just this movie Ben Affleck co-wrote, directed, and starred in alongside some of my favorites Jon Hamm (Madmen) and Jeremy Renner (HawkEye from The Avengers). One thing I really enjoy about Beni’s music is how reminiscent it is of the Golden Era of Hip Hop but also how fresh it is in the current ecosystem. I will forever appreciate a boom bap beat with the DJ cutting shit up. Toast Johnson, who directed the video, was able to maintain a great balance between the signature Beni-Hana dark and grimy style of music and utilizing a nice color palette in the video which helped it continue to pop and keep it somewhat vibrant. There seems to be a real chemistry between Toast and Beni, Toast seems to capture the essence of Beni’s music really well. Slaine didn’t seem uncomfortable with the field either, he stepped right in and delivered a verse that fits Beni’s vibe perfectly which could probably be attributed to over 18 years in the game. This is another dope Beni-Hana song matches with another dope Toast Johnson video. I look forward to the release of Beni’s EP ‘Nemesis’ March 15.

I just wanna take the time out to say Thank you to Beni-Hana for being a dope artist and an overall dope individual. Congratulations on all the big moves you’ve made and the ones on the way. In the words of Gloansy “This bitch lives four blocks away from here.” I know it’s random but it made me laugh hard as hell. Make sure y’all go watch The Town if you haven’t and even if you have. Another quick note, this is not an ad, but Slaine also dropped an album back in November called One Day in case you wanna hear more from the OG.

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