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Hidden Gems #1

Brixx Sinatra

I’ve moved around quite a bit since I left Jersey in 2011 Hawaii, Raleigh, Georgia. But it wasn‘t until I landed in this small town called Roseboro in North Carolina that I really began to become rooted in a community. Fast forward I begun writing these articles on Facebook before this site and that allowed me to further see what the community had to offer. I’ve since been able to get to know some amazingly talented people. Hidden Gems are all around us and blessed with sight and patience to examine what they have to offer. The Gem I want to illuminate is a guy named Brixx Sinatra. It was a warm rainy day and I got a text from a guy that I look up to as an artist, Bo-Bangz. He hit me like “hey bro check out this song, it’s my brother he just got back into music this his first record since he got his hearing back.” So once I settle in at the crib I went to my favorite app on the TV, YouTube. I know for Bangz would never recommend a trash record and he said homie was his brother so I’m crazy excited to hear what homie has to say. Gifted was the first song that Brixx Sinatra released since losing his ability to hear and going through the procedures to get it back. For him to battle his way back to the game he loves speaks to his character as a man. I’m sure it would have been way easier to just live in normalcy. Since I’ve begun rapping I’ve learned how difficult it is to process what you’re hearing in the beat and rhyme over them with the necessary flows. I’m sure it took a lot of hard work to get back in shape and for him to do what he did (on a beat I had one eye on I might add lol) is incredible. His flow was on point, delivery was great (which is something I kinda expect from someone Bangz calls the reason he raps). The one that surprised me honestly was his content. It wasn’t about the typical money, cars, guns, women stuff which was refreshing. His other record On Everything told me this man is not playing, his return is not an accident or a fluke he’s coming back with intentions of a takeover.

I’m really invested in the unfolding of the path ahead of my big bro’s big bro. It looks to me like we might actually be in the same lane if I’m going by these two records, I humbly accept whatever comes with that, hopefully some great music can come from that. I see a lot of great things coming in the future for Brixx if he keeps his foot on the gas. A lot of people don’t take the time to listen to small town, under the radar artists that are recommended to them but me I like finding Hidden Gems.

I just wanna use this time to salute the boy Brixx Sinatra for getting back in the arena and doing it his way. It would have probably been easy to get back and jump right on the wave that’s successful at the moment so I respect artists who create their own. The links for the two records are below...


On Everything:

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