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Like One Three #2

DRAM -Big Baby Dram

It took me too much time to go and listen to DRAM. Cha Cha was a smash, he released the original Big Baby DRAM album, broccoli was smoking. I still never got around to checking out my guy’s music. It wasn’t until I saw him on The Therapist that I said “damn I need to see what his music is speaking on.” I remember a friend of mine telling damn near every day “you need to fuck with DRAM.” She was relentless. So I get to work and threw it this album. After I finished listening to it three times I texted her like “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

I remember pressing play and DRAM come in heavy with “I had to tell myself to go and get it myseeelllffff.” I was hooked from there because that’s some real shit and start the album with that tells me I’m in for some shit. Following that with ‘Misunderstood’, the piano anthem, good move. At that point I wasn’t the biggest enthusiast whenever I seen Young Thug on the credits but I heard him on that record, I had to respect his verse and contribution to that song because you can’t replace what he brought to it.

Yo I think getting Erykah Badu to do what they did on ‘WiFi’ is cheating but I’m not even mad. DRAM is a fool for that song, my guy said “do your boyfriend pay yo bill, so we can do Netflix and chill?” That‘s some wild shit then the Queen comes through and flips the hell out of the word. It’s such a dope performance, I feel needs to highlighted as one of the dopest in recent history.

There’s a series of three songs that whenever I get in my car with my niece and nephews we turn all the way up. It starts at ‘Cash Machine’ that’s our warm up record. When that ‘Broccoli’ comes on and Yachty starts his verse, the engines start to rev a little. As soon as DRAM goes “in the middle of party...” we in unison, hype as fuck, know every word and dancing. It makes me so proud when the energy from ‘Broccoli’ transfer straight into ‘Cute’ those are the best car rides. Whenever I go visit them it‘s the song of the day. They literally stream those songs everyday.

There’s so many different types of songs on this album. I spoke on the fun, party-ish songs but he gave us ‘Daddy/Daddy, pt.2’ a track about his father’s lack of presence. Which he managed to do it in a way that doesn’t stop momentum and be boring in the scheme of the album. It’s a record that’s unfortunately extremely relatable by too many young black men and I guess thats why it’s one of my favorite songs on this album full of bangers.

It’s been awhile since this album’s release but it’s still one of the most played albums by me because I like to have fun in my car. DRAM gave me an album where I can sing at the top of my lungs, I can rap and dance to. His potential as an artist seems to have no limitations and I’m excited to see what’s next for Big Baby.

I just wanna take a second to thank DRAM for inspiring me to write this article. After hearing this album and go into his back catalogue there’s no one he can be compared to, he’s his very own entity and that‘s brilliant.

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