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Like One Three #3

OneRepublic - Dreaming Out Loud

I gotta show y’all some range in repertoire and what better to do that than to put y‘all on to one of my favorite and most important albums of all time. Dreaming Out Loud, which you probably know the song ‘Apologize‘ from the Timbaland Remix, is most definitely a Classic album in my eyes. Let me start with some backstory to me becoming big fan of OneRepublic and Ryan Tedder. It honestly didn’t start with this album, it started with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, they played ‘Secrets’ off the band’s second album ‘Waking Up’. I remember going on Rhapsody (remember that) and listening to that going “oh snaps they are super dope.” It was a wrap from there. This album played a big part of me coming out of my fight with depression and other mental health situations. There’s so many songs on here that eased my mind in many of occasions.

‘Say (All I Need)’ is one those songs that helped me maintain during my low days. There was days where I had no idea of what I was doing, where I going, or even where I want to be. So hearing Ryan ask the questions he was asking and really speaking about being grateful of the things you have. I had done some of my best soul searching to that record, it helped me realign my values on many occasions.

I remember the first time I heard ‘Goodbye, Apathy’ and having no idea how important that song was gonna be for me at 14. Then at 20 I had a where I was really distracted by my desire to be free of everything I was telling myself in my head, I almost did something I could never had reversed. I remember this song coming on and I recognized that I wasn‘t the only one going through those moments and I ended up walking myself off that ledge of no return.

’Come Home’ probably meant something completely different from how I interpreted it for myself. It sounds like it‘s about a man who misses his woman. But for me whenever I was singing it, I was calling for smile to return. My happiness went missing and I had sunken in an abyss at some point and I couldn’t get out of it at the time of my depression. I wanted to come back so badly and this song was such a big help for me because it was all the words I wanted to tell myself even if it wasn’t meant to be.

I don‘t want y’all to think that this album is super dreary, it’s not. But for me I found great solace in the music on this album. Ryan Tedder really sang the hell out of these songs. I hope that this album reaches the people who need and that more people will be able to find some hope and comfort like I did.

I want to thank OneRepublic for blessing me and all their fans with this album. It helped me whenever i needed it and I’m glad I was able to tell the story of how y’all did this for me. Dreaming Out Loud truly is Classic and forever loved and appreciated by me.

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