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New Classics #2

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

The Game - Jesus Piece

It’s been more than six years since The Game released ‘Jesus Piece’ and it’s an album that does not seem to age at all. ‘Jesus Piece’ is an anomaly for me because I typically do not care for albums that have so many features. But The Game managed to put everyone on the records that makes you go “damn he couldn’t have kept this guy off this song.” Not only is there no skips but all the songs flow together so smoothly. The Game managed to give us a bit of everything on this album.

He started the album with this really dark and eerie instrumental. “Who the fuck scared now?” ‘Scared Now’ is that extra tough, extra cocky track. When you hear Meek Mill charging up you have no choice but to get charged up with him.

You get a record like ‘Pray’ on this album, where Game gets into his conscious bag and that’s a pocket I’d like to see him get in more. He goes route of being a guardian angel for a young woman. Where J. Cole comes in and he’s speaking on a visit back home. He meets up with an old flame that’s going through some trials. Throughout his verse he paints a picture of situation that’s too true to life and makes you think about how you are moving. The aesthetics and texture that JMSN adds to this record drives the emotions home.

The story on ‘See No Evil’ is captivating. Game talks about when he was still in the streets, where he got put in a coma from gang violence. No matter what his Granny sees no evil in him. Kendrick does the Kendrick thing. Tank carries the song though for me. His ability on the hook makes you feel like she really sees no evil.

I’m gonna end with this ‘Freedom’ record that Game geniusly went and got my guy Elijah Blake to come croon on while he’s barring the track up. Then let Elijah get his shit off, there ain’t much I can say about what he did to transform this song. Go listen to it and tell me it’s not the best record on the album.

Game‘s ability to adjust as an artist and live in different spaces as an artist makes it easier for others to do what they do on records. The vocalists he picked to come in and had these different vibes and emotions on this album were perfect. The Game put together an album that could live in different era because it felt like he chose not to live in the era he was rapping in. ‘Jesus Piece’ is a New Classic.

I want to thank The Game for releasing this amaz body of work. Being able to do a variety of styles of music on one tape without compromising ones own identity or artistry, that’s something only the Great Ones are able to do. You are certainly among Them.

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