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New Classics #3

Miguel - Kaleidoscope Dream

Man, where do I start with this album? Miguel threw himself into the discussion for the leader of the new school with this album right here. In a time where sexy and R&B couldn’t really be used in the same conversation, we were given ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’.

Let’s start with ’Adorn’, the first track on the album. It should be illegal to start your record with “these lips, can’t wait to taste your skin.” That‘s overkill off top. Don’t even want to discuss the falsetto bag he was hopping in and out of. This record got a lot of dudes some play when it dropped, you didn’t even have to be able to sing, just sing adorn and smile. Boom!!! You in there.

When Miguel gets into his bag, where he’s just talking that sex talk he’s a different type of artist. On ‘Use Me’ you could tell he went in the studio on a mission to help niggas out and do what I feel like was missing in 2012‘s R&B, sang the draws off the women. There‘s no subliminals on that record he’s saying exactly what’s on his mind and it doesn’t sound extremely explicit, which I don’t feel a lot of artists in this era do well.

The bass on that ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ track captures my attention every time. It‘s a really simple rhythym but it’s just extremely groovy to me. Then there‘s like this airy effect going on in the background, couple that with the guitar on the hook. There’s just so much going on in the production that I love. Miguel range is highlighted well on this record.

I don’t know if I can call an album a Classic if we don’t get a record like ‘Candles in the Sun’ on it. That song got my mind realigned so many times it’s ridiculous. It came out at a perfect time of my life because I was questioning my religion and spirituality at the time. Race relations were flaring up due to a President Obama getting elected. So much was going on in the world I need music to reflect that sometimes. The funny part about this song is it feels like it was made this year. Its funny how the still resonates 7 years after being released but not much has changed in the past 30 years so I’m not too surprised.

I think that ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ is a juggernaut in the R&B genre. This album was the best and worst thing Miguel could have ever given us. It’s the best because the music will never die on this album. It will forever be engraved in the Greatest albums of time category. But it’s the worst because it’s always gonna be Miguel’s measuring stick and the two albums that came after ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ had not measured up. At the end of the day, Miguel was able to carry an entire album to Classic proportions with his incredible range and vocal technique. I’ll never forget what this album has done for me.

I want to say Thank You to Miguel for blessing us with this amazing body of work. When I was going through my depression and insomnia this album helped me more than I could ever thank him enough for.

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