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Time To Reflect #1 Lute - Gold Mouf

In the last 18 months I’ve written exactly ONE article. That article was about one of the all time Greats Jermaine Cole, who just so happens to be the owner of Dreamville. If you don’t know let me introduce you to one of my favorite artists from the label… Mr. Lute West. I’ve been listening to Lute for a little while now but there’s two records that made Lute‘s Gold Mouf album one of my most anticipated albums of 2021, those are Sleep Deprived (from ROTD) and GED. For me as an artist and fan I just always find something in those records where I just say “Lute is doing this rap shit the right way.” Then the album drops… it’s literally my most listened to album of 2021, not even close actually. From the first moment I hear those keys on the intro, 100, I was locked in. This intro spoke directly to my thoughts and feelings of self. “Times change, People change, you don’t go through the pain for nothin…” I heard that and it felt like he was speaking directly to me. You would see that and think it’s a preachy ass record but I promise that joint is jamming. The melodies, the keys, the saxophone all come together and create this super beautiful platform for Lute to just be as honest and thorough as an artist can get on a song. I got the sense that me and Lute been dealing with similar battles with our mentality and creativity during these past couple years. While GED is the song that I listened to the most when I started bumping the album, Ghetto Love, is probably my favorite song on the project. That bass line is EVERYTHING to me. Blakk Soul & Ari Lennox on the hook harmonizing over this funky ass record really creates a slight bit of hater Nigga in me because I would love to be able to create these types of harmonies in my personal catalog but have no feminine vocals to utilize *laughs in hater*. I haven’t even spoken about Lute’s ability to go in and out of these fast rapping to singing to mid paced intricate schemes throughout the record. I honestly feels like it’s one of the most “total package” songs to come out in 2021. Definitely think it deserves a whole of push. After writing that last paragraph and really thinking about it I might love the song, Life, just as much as Ghetto Love. Life is the beautiful introspective perspective of what I believe is Lute’s to retain his confidence and focus through the ups and downs of life. It’s this conversation of “shit happens, push forward”, a sentiment I needed to hear when I heard it and still very much need, which is why I’m back writing these articles again. This idea of being conscious of what’s holding us back in life and reacting accordingly is happening within this song. There’s just so many valuable jewels in the song and sounds so beautiful at the same time, it truly inspires me.

Gahddamn I can’t believe I’m back doing what I love to do. I’ve been wanting to tell people about how much I love this album since it’s release and while listening to it I just said I’m going back to my roots. Gold Mouf is 1000% my favorite album of 2021 and I could’ve went way more in-depth and said so much more about the album but I’m such a stickler for allowing listeners to experience the music with the least amount of spoilers possible. I’m so glad Lute was able to showcase how amazing an artist he is. I think for me he showed that Dreamville top to bottom is a label full artists that can stand on their own ten toes without question. Plus the fact that Big Pooh and Phonte (Little Brother for those who are unfamiliar) helped put this tape together is super dope for me as a fan of those guys and Lute, I definitely hear the influence on the project and I love it.

Yoooo I wanna take this moment to thank everyone who read this bih this far. I wanna thank Lute for releasing an album that spoke to me in the way that Gold Mouf did. It really helped me get out of my own way and release of my own and get back here to the platform that I love so much. I’d been waiting for this album for a very long time and am so proud of you and everything you’ve put into this body of work. And to my readers this won’t be the only article of the year I promise *wink*

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