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Top 25 Favorite Albums of 2019

25. 2Chainz - Rap or Go To The League

This twenty-fifth spot was pretty difficult to pick because of like thirty albums any one of them could be twenty through twenty-five. So ima how difficult it was to do this Gahd Damn list. 2Chainz dropped Rap or Go To The League on March 1st, very early in the year. The reason I had to put Chainz up here even if I may have left some better albums off this list is I give merit to the fact that this album stayed in my listening rotation for almost the entire time it’s been out. Even when I strayed from the album I found myself popping it back into the rotation. I wrote about it earlier this year ( but that damn Forgiven record is one of my favorite songs of the year. What I love about this album is Chainz seems have made a conscious decision to really want to speak on some shit. Which is how we get songs like Forgiven, NCAA, and Sam. The rest of the album has the gems sprinkled in more so than I can ever remember on a 2Chainz album. His choice and usage of features worked extremely well as well. Like the E-40 verse on 2 Dollar Bill was hard to me, Young Thug on High Top Versace sounds really good as well. Obviously the Kendrick record. You know a Chainz album is never lacking in production.

I feel like if he would have given me a little more introspective point of views on this album I would rate it higher. I still feel like I don’t really know more than the surface qual of 2Chainz. And I also didn’t like him branding LeBron as the “A&R“ of this project like we were gonna believe that shit. Other than that I still feel like this is a great step forward for Mr. Boi.

Rap or Go To the League is number 25 on my Top 25 favorite albums list of 2019. I’d certainly like to thank 2Chainz for releasing such a great body of work. Very fun album to listen to and sing along with “bow bow straight to the face”. I hope 2020 we see even more growth in the art and business acumen. I’m observing it all.

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