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Top 25 Favorite Albums of 2019

23. Everything for Sale - Boogie

Aww man where do I start? I can’t remember what my introduction to Boogie was because he kept popping up on different platforms and songs. His name kept being spoken highly of but I think his Sway freestyle and verse on Wale’s ‘Wow...’ album made me remember he dropped this year. Everything for Sale is a really good body of work, it’s proof that Compton breeds some of the more amazing talent in the world.

When I hear Boogie natural talking voice I don’t think of someone who can hold a note. But it’s something about his vocal tone that is so captivating to me. He really showed that you don’t have to be an elite vocalist to get your point across vocally. Couple that with the fact that he REALLY rap it makes the project even more appealing as a fan and artist, I’ve learned a lot from this project as both. Tired/Reflections is one of my favorite intros of the year. It’s introspective and beautiful of a record. It let me know everything I needed to know about Boogie as an artist. From the amazingly soulful beat. His harmonies and then the rap abilities were there. He had a good little skit on there that kept me interested in what was next. He just showed that he was completely aware of how to start an album. To follow that with Silent Ride which is probably my favorite song on the project was awesome. I find myself singing it constantly. It showed me that I don’t have to be a Raphael Saadiq to get my point across as a singer. And that’s not to say he sounds awful because I don’t think that the hook sounds good if it was extremely polished. His ability to pick his spots to flow and sing is impressive to say the least. Lolsmh is a four minute interlude that I effing love. That’s that on that. Boogie is nice man. Self Destruction is another one of those joints that makes me think of new concepts. It’s like who makes a song where you purposely don’t remember your lyrics. It’s so groovy and the pockets he find, I’m convinced it’s a Shady thing because those dudes know how to control these beats dammit.

I genuinely feel like I might have this one a little low but it’s like the projects ahead of this project I’ve bumped and bumped so much I couldn’t figure out how to move them. I’m so happy I’m fully aware of who Boogie is now and I have no doubt in my mind if he drops next year he’ll be fighting for a top ten spot, that’s the type of talent he is.

Everything for Sale is number 23 on my list. I wanna take this opportunity to say thank you to Boogie for giving us an album of amazing music that sounds nothing like the artists that usually come from Shady Records. You giving me affirmation on how I can execute some of my ideas as an artist better and for that I appreciate you.

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