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Top 25 Favorite Albums of 2019

#20 Harlan And Alondra (Deluxe) - Buddy

Anyone who follows the site knows I wrote about this album back in February of 2019 ( and I loved it. Almost a year later it’s still an album I go to. Buddy comes from that Compton lineage of talented people. After hearing this album I became a fan of Buddy and then it became solidified with his role on The Dreamville project, which I’ll be talking about on this list at some point. His energy is infectious, it seems extremely authentic and fresh. I love that on this project he could be spitting some real shit then give us some fun ass bops. I think that really comes from that early 90s raising. We kinda grew up in between the grow up fast era and the living without too many cares era so we‘re a little more complex in a sense. Buddy gave us Trouble on Central. The young black dude anthem about his time stuck in the hood. It’s kind of this story of the car he was driving breaking down on Central Ave. which is a metaphor for being stuck in real life. Every black or brown person with a similar background of hood living has had that moment in life where you just feel like life isn’t going anywhere and you just wish you were where you wanted to be sooner than later. While that’s the gist of the song that thang rock though. It’s a great little groove. Buddy has this one song that anyone who knows me will say “dawg you don’t like that joint.” and I’ll reply “but I do.” Cubicle is my guilty pleasure song and it‘s the song I typically go to when I just wanna have a little fun in the car. It’s just a really well put together fun ass song. I love the production, the flows, and the infectious ass hook. I typically care for songs of this ilk but somehow Buddy’s energy gets me every time. Buddy has an extensive repertoire of moves that makes him one of the artists to watch these next couple years because he’s gonna be a household name. He gave us 32 flavors of ice cream on this album and I enjoyed every bit of them. My only wish was that he streamlined an idea or concept that showed there was a concise goal or point to get across.

Harlan and Alondra is Number 20 on this year’s list. Shoutout to Buddy once again I love the music and hope you continue to become the person and artist I know you can be. Thank you for the inspiration.

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