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Top 5 Hip Hop Albums of 2018

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

4. JAG - 2700

This album right here, this album is fun man. It sounds similar to some of what the young boys are doing as far as production goes but Jag just raps better than a lot of people. He’s just so much more polished than many people. He gives us the braggadocious records ‘The Nomo Years’ and ‘Out the Box’, the black empowerment ‘Black Boy Fly’, the party tracks ‘Tap In’ and ‘Saturday Night’, there’s literally something for everyone on this album. It’s rare that we see ten year vets blend so well with the younger dudes in any genre of music. ‘2700’ might also have the best set of intro and outro on any album to be released this year, which are the two most important tracks on the album to me. JAG was able to adapt to the current climate of the game while keeping the foundation of an artist whose been around for a while, which is the reason I rank ‘2700’ so high.

Standout Tracks:

- Nomo Years

- Black Boy Fly

- ShammGod

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