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Top 5 Hip Hop Albums of 2018

2. 38 Spesh & Benny - Stabbed & Shot &

Benny The Butcher - Tana Talk 3

I’m gonna keep it funky with y’all I pick bet the two albums. Since both albums got Benny the Butcher on them, here is my solution. I don‘t even know how to tell y’all how impressed I am by both these guys here. I’ll start with ‘Stabbed & Shot’. The ‘Intro’ to this one was a clear sign for I was getting into, some real NY street shit. When 38 said, “I spent your re-up on my belt and pants, I flew your bitch to a beach, knew she would cheat, soon as her feet felt the sand.” I knew that he wasn’t play with these rappers. Then they gave us the back and forth flow on ‘Driver Seat’ which was hard but then they gave us the Styles P and Jadakiss feature on the same fucking track. And sounded like they’ve been in a group for over 20 years too. ‘Stabbed & Shot’ is New York in my opinion, it just has New York Legacy written all over it. It feels like they studied Mobb Deep, The Lox (obviously), and Eric B and Rakim, saying that to say, it has a Legendary Duo vibe to it. I’m definitely excited for a ‘Stabbed & Shot 2’.

Standout Tracks:

‘Thruway Music’

‘Gun or Knife’

‘My River’


‘Tana Talk 3‘ is Benny The Butcher’s most recent project and his third one in 2018, ‘A Friend of Ours’ and ‘Stabbed & Shot’, being the other two. Benny was able to bring that street rap back in full effect this year. On this album he spoke more his personal dealings in the streets and I believe every single word he speaks. He with the conviction of a real dude that raps and not rapper who says their real. “Never paid for pussy, just paid for meals to be fair with them.” just like my last sentence, there’s a big difference. ‘Tana Talk 3’ solidified Benny as my 2018 MVP, not just that it made Griselda my Label of the Year. Too much Greatness has come from those guys, Conway‘s ‘Blakk Tape’ and Westside Gunn’s ‘Supreme Blientele’ and his ‘Hitler Wears Hermes’ series. When comes to the coke talk ‘Tana’ made me look at how close is Benny to Pusha T and I don’t think he’s that far away right now, they both do it at an extremely high level. I just want you to know when you hear, “The Butcher coming” it’s all bars after that.

Standout Tracks:

‘Rubberbands & Weight’

‘Fast Eddie’

‘97 Hov’

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