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Top 5 R&B albums of 2018

5. Sir - November

November ended up being one of my favorite releases in 2018 because I really enjoyed how consistently good the album is. There’s not really any skippable songs on this album. It’s not higher on the list because I feel like it could have used a little more feminine energy on the project for added texture. ’Something New’ with Etta Bond is my favorite song on the album because there vocal tones compliment each other’s really well, there’s no sense of monotony on the track. It’s also one of the albums I continued to go back to since its January release, which in such a loaded year of music, holds a lot of weight in my decision to place it on my list.

Standout Tracks:

‘Something New’ feat. Etta Bond

‘Summer in November’

‘D’ evils’

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