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Top 5 R&B albums of 2018

4. The Weeknd - My Dear Melancholy

I typically wouldn’t put a six track project in this conversation but ‘My Dear Melancholy’ is a special project. The Weeknd returned to the sound that made me a fan of his early in his career. There is not a single track wasted on this album and half of them are pretty high on my favorite songs of the year list. I’m glad that The Weeknd decided not to use any features after being gone for a little while because myself personally feels like The Weeknd is a Superstar talent who doesn’t need to lean on a feature to get back hot in these streets. I only wish there was more tracks on this project, I really feel like 10 tracks of this vibe would have easily made it my favorite R&B album, possibly Top 3 albums of any genre this year.

Standout Tracks:

‘Call Out My Name’

‘Wasted Times’


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