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Top 5 R&B albums of 2018

3. Teyana Taylor - Keep That Same Energy

Teyana Taylor‘s ‘KTSE’ was apart of the lackluster Kanye West June takeover. But her album was anything but lackluster. This album isn‘t without flaws but her talent made it pretty easy for me to dismiss the length of the album (7 tracks) and that garbage Kanye feature. Teyana gave me album that I always find on min, I’m either singing or humming something on that album at any moment. There’s not many R&B albums this year that has kept me running back to it as much as ‘KTSE’. Teyana’s voice is infectious, I can’t escape it. This isn’t the album that she wanted to give us and that sucks but her abilities do not leave me disappointed.

Standout Tracks:

‘No Manners’

‘Issues/Hold on’

‘Rose in Harlem’

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