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Top 5 R&B albums of 2018

2. Eric Bellinger - Eazy Call

Putting this album on my list was an “easy call” lol (joke drums). Nah but Eric Bellinger gave us a great blend of vibes on this album, that’s probably what’s kept this album consistently in my rotation of music. There’s a lot of high points on this album that kept me interested. I would literally go “I just wanna hear ‘Silent Treatment.’” And end up listening to the album twice over. This album is perfect for a lengthy drive, especially when you like to sing, my hour drive to or from work usually becomes karaoke time when ‘Eazy Call’ gets played. One of my only gripes with this album is that Ne-Yo feature is kinda corny but that do stop me from enjoying this amazing album.

Standout Tracks:

‘Silent Treatment’

‘Y.A.K (feat. Sammie)’

‘Ain’t Ya Ex (feat. Mila J and Tink)’

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