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Top 5 R&B albums of 2018

1. Masego - Lady Lady

Here it is. My personal favorite R&B album this year ‘Lady Lady’ by Masego. I know y‘all may be asking, “what makes this the best?” For me, the production on this album is leagues ahead of the competition. None of the music feels forced to me. Masego is an artist that is known to be creative and crazy enough to blend trap music with jazz and call it ‘TrapScat’, which is an awesome project by the way. His flexibility as an artist took this album over the top for me. He gave us the funny track ‘Old Age’, the island track ‘Queen Tings’, the love record ‘Lady Lady’, there’s so many bops to choose from and they all fit in the total scheme of the album. All in all this album has kept me very invested in it from a technical aspect and just as a music fan.

Standout Tracks:

’Old Age’


‘Lady Lady’

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