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Venomiss Shinetime #1

We are here today to talk about an artist that I’ve been hearing great things about for quite some time but I never got around to listening to. Not until my guy Zinni of the Broke Ass Podcast said he had booked an interview with her. I really wanted to see what kind of artist she was because of his excitement for the interview. You would probably laugh if you had seen my face from the sheer excitement I felt that she was Jersey native like me. Then the more I listened to the album it dawned on me that fact could be why she kinda sounds like there’s some MC Lyte and Queen Latifa influence there. ‘Heiress of the Echelon’ has some really dope shit going on.

I’m too excited to not start in the middle of the album with that ‘Clap’ joint. Everything leading up to this record was good shit but Venomiss went to another level with this record. The James Brown sample laaaaawd, that’s a cheat code. The pocket she found on this record is crazy, very aggressive and somewhat gritty on a dance track, it works perfectly.

Probably my favorite song on the album is ‘Crush’. I need to know where was she when she decided to flip one of my favorite Lil Kim records ‘Crush on You’. The soulful texture Kenard gave to that hook is enthralling. It’s like you’d never know you needed that until you got it, it’s great shit. Liion Gamble fucked me up when he came in sounding like a blend of Pusha T and Fabolous vocally then he flexed a harmony on us. I couldn’t even get mad when Venomiss came in like “Yo shorty, I been peeped you.” I almost never wanna be called shorty but when she said that, I was like, “shorty ain’t THAT flagrant.” That record is one I could put on anywhere and it’ll slap.

i highly recommend this project to any fan of Hip Hop. After hearing this album i had to get in on the Broke Ass Podcast interview. My goal is to bring the attention back to the music and I could hear the integrity and care for Hip Hop throughout this album. It makes it very easy for me to become a fan when I can tell the emphasis is on the music, I can confidently say I’m a fan.

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