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Venomiss ShineTime #2

Venomiss - All Eyes on V

Back again with another installment of ShineTime with Venomiss ‘All Eyes on V’. It’s a solid 8 tracks, 25 minutes project. The only thing I desired really was more music. I think that Venomiss carried over the things I liked most about ‘Heiress of the Echelon’ very well. She still delivered her bars confidently, the features felt organic, and she’s very lyrical.

She starts the project with ‘Will You’ where I immediately said “oh yeah, a sample.”Me as a fan have a great affinity for hard beats with samples. Then for her to not even let that thing breathe and just go at the top of the tape as hard as she did on this record, I applaud that. Something about her delivery on that beat, that’s reminiscent of a Dipset vibe, just took me back to South Jersey when I first heard it. Then Joey Battz comes in with a smooth, unique voice that compliments the aggressiveness of Venomiss perfectly.

Yo, by far my favorite song(s) on the Tape is ‘Flower’. Venomiss with a Soulful singer is the cheat code, I promise Lyrik G ate this record up. This is put together like an open letter on the experiences of Venomiss’ life and the difficulties of womanhood. It‘s a story I feel should heard instead of me telling you but I promise you the perspective is beautiful. Lyrik G addedthe exact texture the song needed for maximum effect. Then the ‘Flower Acoustic (interlude) is much appreciated because I definitely want to hear that hook with all the falsettos and runs I could possibly have.

I think Venomiss picked some really good beats on this project and executed exactly how she should have. I really enjoyed the nostalgic feelings of being in Jersey I got from this project, everything about it felt like home and I think she made it a point to create that feeling. Her first two projects made me a fan of Venomiss, just because she feels authentic in her music. Nothing on ‘All Eyes on V’ feels forced and in this era that has to be highlighted and appreciated. I only wish I had a couple more songs on the Tape.

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