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Venomiss ShineTime #3

Venomiss - No Favors, No Regrets, No Apologies

I’m back with the latest project from Venomiss ‘No Favors, No Regrets, No Apologies’. This is probably the most difficult one for me to do because I’m kinda torn with this one. Venomiss is extremely talented and incredible writer. I personally got thrown off by a couple beat selections at the top of the album but that’s because of my preference.

That being said I do really like ‘I Wanna Win’. This record lines up with everything I’m on right now. I’m working my ass off chasing the win, it’s a record about having confidence in yourself and knowing that you are doing what you need to do to come out on top. If you’re bussing your ass to be where you want to be you have to know the goal is to come out on top. There’s no half assing chasing your dreams.

That ‘7 Deadly Sins’ is the jam for real. I didn’t think I’d enjoy anyone’s seven deadly sins record after Common put his out and absolutely went to surgery on it. But Venomiss put out a great effort with a lot replay value. First verse she did this Assassin’s Creed + 24 bar flip that had me like “oh sheesh, she know know her shit.” Then verse two she went in running down the Sins and yeah I recommend this track wholeheartedly.

On ‘Far Away’ Venomiss cliqued back up with my guy the soulful Lyrik G. When Venomiss gets into her relationship bag it’s feels extremely authentic and raw in some ways. Then she goes get these amazing vocalists like Lyrik G and Kenard to add these silky and soulful textures to the songs. I think this record is tide for my favorite on this album with ‘7 Deadly Sins’.

The bars are very apparent on this album. Other than a couple beats I’ve really enjoyed listening to this project. It felt like she wanted to stretch her pen to new heights and experiment a little with production (which could be all the way wrong about btw) and I can’t be mad at an artist with those intentions.

Yo I really want to thank the Wonderful Ms. Venomiss for allowing me a peek into her journey. I really enjoyed writing this spotlight series for her art and I thank her for being active about reading these articles and telling me how she feels about them. I’m a fan.

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